Nils Arrigo


Swiss FNS Postdoctoral Fellow, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona, 2010 - present
Postdoctoral Fellow, Ecology & Evolution, University of Lausanne, 2010 (advisor: Nicolas Salamin)
Ph.D., Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Neuchatel, 2009
M.S., Biology, University of Neuchatel, 2005

Research Interests

I have a strong interest into understanding how lineages evolve and diversify along time. The evolutive units on which I focus range from gene families to species, with a strong emphasis on processes acting at the population scale. My approaches make an intensive use of data mining and bioinformatics. I generally tend to investigate several layers of diversity, encompassing population genetics and phylogeography, in a way to account at best for the context into which lineages are evolving. So far, I explored these topics through several phylogeographies of European plants (Aegilops, Ranunculus, Alisma, Peucedanum, Ophrys) and insects (Oreina), based essentially on genotyping (SSRs, AFLPs) and single gene sequencing. In parallel, I also explored the domestication of several crops (Vitis and Triticum) and the relations with their extant wild relatives. I was in particular interested about the consequences of gene flow between crop and wild relatives.

I now turn myself towards next generation sequencing and comparative genomics, with the group of Mike Barker. I have a strong interest in learning how to manage the massive amounts of genomic data and how to extract information from them. My post-doctoral research focuses on Selaginella (i.e. a Lycophyte) and investigates the genomic consequences of hybridization and their importance during the emergence of new species.