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Supplemental Data for Shi et al 2010. Ancient genome duplications during the evolution of kiwifruit (Actinidia) and related Ericales. Annals of Botany in press.

Supplemental Data for Dempewolf et al 2010. Establishing genomic tools and resources for Guizotia abyssinica (L.f.) Cass. Molecular Ecology Resources in press.

Supplemental Data for Barker et al 2009. Paleopolyploidy in the Brassicales: Analyses of the Cleome transcriptome elucidate the history of genome duplications in Arabidopsis and other Brassicales. Genome Biology and Evolution 1: 391-399.

Supplemental Data for Barker et al. 2008. Multiple paleopolyploidizations during the evolution of the Compositae reveal parallel patterns of duplicate gene retention after millions of years. Molecular Biology and Evolution 25(11): 2445-2455.

Helianthus Microarray Assemblies (Updated 11 Sep 2007)