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EvoPipes.net: Bioinformatic pipelines for all!

EvoPipes.net is a public interface for the bioinformatic pipelines and software developed in the Barker, Dlugosch, and Rieseberg labs. These tools were developed in the course of our research activities in ecological and evolutionary genomics. We have found them to be useful for our research and hope that others will too. EvoPipes.net will be periodically updated with new tools as they become available.

Source code is available for download for some programs and pipelines, but not for others where the scripts are heavily customized for each installation.


For each tool available through EvoPipes.net, we make no guarantees about the accuracy of the results. We also provide no support for any of the tools. If you have any questions or problems, please use the forums before contacting us via email.

Site Developers

Mike Barker
Katrina Dlugosch
Louie Dinh
Sashikiran Challa


Barker MS, Dlugosch KM, Dinh L, Challa RS, Kane NC, King MG, Rieseberg LH. 2010. EvoPipes.net: Bioinformatic tools for ecological and evolutionary genomics. Evolutionary Bioinformatics 6: 143-149.

Funding and Support

Funding for EvoPipes.net was provided by National Science Foundation Plant Genome Awards 0421630 and 0820451 and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Awards 327475 and 353026.

M. S. Barker was supported by an NSERC-BRITE postdoctoral fellowship during initial development of EvoPipes.net

We also thank the following for institutional support that keeps EvoPipes.net going:

The Biodiversity Research Centre at the University of British Columbia

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